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    EDI Application Message not getting created

      Hi B2B Gurus,

      I am facing a strange problem. I have inbound EDIINT's from Webmethods which are being decrypted at B2B level and then forwarded to SOA for further processing. When the data is sent in bulk (eg. 25 EDIINT in one shot), some of the transaction miss from the B2B layer. In one of the scenarios there was an EDI inbound 214 that came with 26 ST's. On the Business Message window I was able to see all 26 ST's being processed with no error, but on the Application Message window i just saw an entry for 25 Messages and SOA was able to processes only 25 messages in that EDI File.

      The strange part is the one message that didn't get transmitted to the JMS channel didn't had the 'Application Message' Link enabled.

      This is happening intermittently and hard to replicate scenario. I have turned on the Trace on b2b, but no error is showing up related to the missing transactions. Has anyone in this group faced such kind of issue?

      I am using version
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          Anuj Dwivedi--Oracle
          I have seen similar issue earlier under heavy load. Under heavy load, because of a race condition, messages may get lost. It is documented in section "Situation 2: Exhausted Message Redelivery Attempts" at below link -


          Check the diagnostic log to figure out whether you are really hitting this issue, In any case, it is advised to have error queues created for all the B2B event queues.