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    Deleting posts and locking a thread

      Yesterday, there was a reply made to the FMB size shrinks dramatically thread, where the poster described a situation where his Forms 10 fmb file somehow became corrupted, and the compiled fmx would no longer open or run. He posted that finding the semicolon - semicolon Replace All procedure had fixed the problem.

      I posted a reply that acknowledged his post and warned anyone else reading and trying the procedure to be careful, that any "referenced" program units copied from another source would lose its reference link to the source. (Fortunately, most people do not use the referenced feature.)

      Now today, I see those two posts have been deleted, and the thread is locked.

      I would like to point out that the "semicolon - semicolon replace-all" process STILL works even on the latest version of the Forms Builder. Forms Builder has always stuffed compiled code into fmb files, and it can cause trouble when trying to run the fmx against a new database. (It was a less-than-optimum idea back in the beginning of the client/server Forms development cycle, but has never been fixed.) The replace-all / save process removes the old compiled code so the fmb is significantly smaller and clean, and a new compile will generate new and clean code.

      I realize the thread is over five years old, but deleting new posts and locking the thread removes valuable information that just might help someone even today. I hope whoever locked the thread and deleted the posts will reconsider their actions. This forum is a valuable resource for Forms developers around the world, and even information in very old threads can be useful.