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    Dac load

      I want to re load 3 modules of BI apps through DAC from new data source. I have created an execution plan with all the three modules to run at a time, previously I had loaded module by module from different data source.

      Now I want to do a full load from different source for all modules, below are steps I'm following

      - I've over writed the physical data sources details with new source details
      - I have done Reset data sources so that it will do full load in next load
      - I have checked full load always for the execution plan containing all 3 modules

      are the above steps are correct/sufficient?..
      - do I need to create new connection for physical data sources or over write is correct
      - checking full load always is recommended?

      Please advice..thanks in advance
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          are the above steps are correct/sufficient?
          -->The below answer this question
          do I need to create new connection for physical data sources or over write is correct
          ---> Its up to you, can go for new one or modify existing one. If existing one is not at all required in future then you can go for override else go for new connection.
          checking full load always is recommended?
          ---> If you check this every time the EP run as FULL load you wont find an Incremental one, so just uncheck that.

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          Appreciate if you update your older post!!
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            Thanks Veera,

            - If I add new physical data source with new connections, how DAC will pick new source from available two physical data source details does this create any problem/conflict
            - Are any parameters need to be changed in DAC to reflect new data source..

            I want to do full load..by truncating previous data and tables.
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              You need change the value in the Parameters @EP and also need to add in Workflow Manager with same name as in DAC Physical sources.
              Refresh dates are based on the physical connection in dac, when we set them null the dependent task run as full mode, that would take care of truncating the table, and the same when you set null for tables under the physical connection.

              So far what you done is good to go.

              Hope this helps too :)

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                Thanks for reply...I understood it

                one last qstion..if I want to load data module by module fI need to do Reset data sources once before 3 modules are loaded or after every module loaded i need to rest data sources to be as full load


                I have reset data sources before loading financial module for loading HR module again i need to reset data source to run it as full load or is it enough to rest it before loading all 3 modules.
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                  No. If you want to load data module by module make sure that the first module run as full load and the rest others are incremental.
                  In this case DAC will take care about tasks and tables, some are in full load mode and others are as incremental.
                  Since you have to take care of common dimensions, DAC will do this for you.

                  When you want to run the full load just reset warehouse and run the EP thats it.

                  Hope this helps too
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                    Hi Veera

                    I have loaded data by configuring as below

                    - I have over written phsyical data sources with new data source details
                    - I have changed the relation connections in informatica workflow manager to new data source details

                    I ran HR analytics but tasks are failing with below error. Informatica is not able to connect new data source database, but in DAC physical data source test connection is successful with new details.

                    Did I missed any settings? any parameter/parameter file need to be changed to connect to new database.

                    Severity     Timestamp     Node     Thread     Message Code     Message
                    *ERROR     11/15/2012 12:10:38 AM     node01_test12_sec_s     READER_1_1_1     RR_4036     Error connecting to database [*
                    Database driver error...
                    Function Name : Logon
                    ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

                    Database driver error...
                    Function Name : Connect
                    *Database Error: Failed to connect to database using user [apps] and connection string [TEST12].].*

                    Thanks in advance...
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                      1) Do a tns ping once again
                      2) Create DSN using odbcad32.exe and use same name as tns entry
                      3) In Workflow Manager->Connections create a connection with same name as tns/dsn and make sure the same name in DAC physical connections

                      You should be fine now
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                        I think the issue is with tns entries in tnsnames.ora file on informatica server. I need to copy the new OLTP database tns entries in to informatica server tnsnames.ora..I found this is on some forum's

                        But how did DAC server able to connect to OLTP with tns entries..need to investigate it....:)