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    WebCenter Spaces Pretty URL Question

      I have questions about the Pretty URL in WebCenter Spaces,

      Each of my pages have a Pretty URL but is this option suppose to display the Pretty URL in the Address bar of the browser? The pretty url takes me to the correct age but displays the mess of the url the systems creates
      It displays : http://server:8888/webcenter/faces/oracle/webcenter/page/scopedMD/sffc65976_c8f0_4361_a6af_5e2725e4458c/PortalSiteHome.jspx?wc.contextURL=%2Fspaces%2Fmydot&wc.originURL=%2Fspaces%2Fmydot&wcPostLogout=%2Foracle%2Fwebcenter%2Fpage%2FscopedMD%2Fsffc65976_c8f0_4361_a6af_5e2725e4458c%2FPortalSiteHome.jspx&_afrLoop=7182652653073829#%40%3F_afrLoop%3D7182652653073829%26wc.originURL%3D%252Fspaces%252Fmydot%26wc.contextURL%3D%252Fspaces%252Fmydot%26wcPostLogout%3D%252Foracle%252Fwebcenter%252Fpage%252FscopedMD%252Fsffc65976_c8f0_4361_a6af_5e2725e4458c%252FPortalSiteHome.jspx%26_adf.ctrl-state%3D1bx1k9q2b_4

      We want it to display:

      How can we do this or where are the set up instructions to do this?

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          Daniel Merchán
          Unfortunately you can't remove these parameters.

          WebCenter Portal PSx versions are based on ADF 11g R1 version. ADF need state parameters to run correctly. In addition, webcenter spaces add more parameters to URL.
          In ADF 11g R2 version (based on JSF 2.0) exists shorter URL's deleting some of ADF parameters.

          By the moment you'll have these "friendly" URL's at your browser ;(.

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            Is this a example of Oracle taking steps backwards, In Portal 9i we had encrypted URLs ,when we went to Portal 10g the logical URL came around so users could easily find pages, now with WebCenter spaces you are telling me that we have Pretty URLs but there is no way to display them in the address bar? So what help are Pretty URLS?

            Is there a way to query the pretty URL and Display it on the page? This would help a little but there has to be a better answer.

            Are there plans to display the pretty url in the Address bar?
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              Has anyone figured out how to dispaly pretty URLS in the Navagation bar, I know in WebCEnter Site this can be done.
              How can we get clean urls in Spaces, Oracle whats the Plan?