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    Depreciation - FA


      I am trying to generate a Fixed Asset report in SQL but need to obtain the following fields:

      Depreciation Amount - depreciation calculated for the month
      Year-to-Date Depreciation -cumulative depreciation for the current Financial Year
      Depreciation Reserve -total cumulative depreciation for the asset

      Does anyone have a similar query that obtains the above information?

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          You can generate an asset trace from asset module, the output contains all table names with column details that helps all report developers if they are designing an asset related report ...

          Please perform the below steps and review the output ....

          Switch Responsibility to System Administrator
          Navigate to Security > Responsibility > Request
          Select/Query the request group for your Fixed Asset Responsibility (Standard group name is "All Reports and Programs")
          Insert new record/row in the Requests region and select the program name "Generate Asset Trace"
          Save your changes ..
          Switch responsibility to your Fixed Asset Responsibility
          Run the concurrent program "Generate Asset Trace" with the parameter value for Asset book and Asset number
          Check the output (it would generate two ..1st one will contain asset details 2nd one will have SLA/accounting details of the Asset)

          The details of Depreciation Amount, YTD Depreciation and Depreciation Reserve are available in the Table FA_DEPRN_SUMMARY and FA_DEPRN_DETAIL.