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    Transportable Tablespace vs Datapump Exp/IMP

      Hi Guys,

      Will need your advise here before i start some test on it.

      I have 2 databases.
      One of them is the production database (master site) and the other a mview site (read only mviews).
      I will need to migrate both of them from HP-UX to Solaris (different endian).

      For Production Database where all the mview logs and master tables at, we can use transportable tablespace. I supposed transportable tablespace should be ablt to transport mview logs as well? Can advise what are the type of objects tts doesn't migrate?

      For mview site, seems that transportable tablespace doesn't migrate mviews over. As such the only option is through datapump exp/imp.

      Any suugestion for this scenario?