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    Invalid  host credentials

      OEM 10g,

      Enterprise Linux 5.5.

      I have my host credentials configured as Preferred Credentials through the Preferences menu. It retains the correct value through logout/login as well as through the console restart.

      When I try to schedule my backup and click on the Schedule Customized Backup, it gives me:

      "Error - Connection to host as user oracle failed: ERROR: Wrong password for user"

      when I update the value for Host Credentials password on the Schedule Backup page (with or without Save as Preferred Credential checked), the test passes fine and a test batch jobs finishes fine as well. However, if I need to schedule a recurrent Level 1 backup job, it fails with the invalid password error. And the password value is not retained.

      I had a suspicion that this might be related to some OS privileges.
      I ran root.sh but it didn't help.

      Any suggestions?

      Are the entries for host credentials from the Preferences menu and Schedule Backup screen stored in different places?