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    How to shrink a tablespace in Oracle 8.0.3


      We run Oracle 8.0.3 in a Sun computer with Solaris 5.8.

      Recently we had a severe error in our application because one of the oracle tablespaces reached the 2Gb size limit (O.S. max file size).

      Now we need to shrink the tablespace and free O.S. disk space, because the application cannot write anymore in the database.

      We have deleted all the records of one of the tables, which is the biggest table in the tablespace and contains log information. This table has lots of indexes.

      Please, could someone give precise instructions in order to be able to reduce the phisical size of the tablespace?

      I have read dozens of threads about tablespace shrinking, but I have not found a good/detailed solution for Oracle 8.0.3

      I really appreciate any help in this issue.

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