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    Check Payment Processing Across Multiple Operating Units

      Hi There

      We are currently implementing Oracle R12 at the company I work for. Our solution implementer has informed us that you cannot process one check (cheque) payment across multiple operating units and that this is an outstanding enhancement with Oracle. Therefore (if we accept) this we will have to process a seperate check per operating unit which will increase our payment processing significantly.

      Can anyone out there:

      A. Confirm this is indeed an issue
      B. Are you aware if Oracle are doing anything about it and
      C. Is there any workaround that we could consider to lessen the impact.

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          Scenario 1
          If you are going to make Single check payment to the same supplier having different sites under various operating units, oracle has provided a workaround, i.e. to make a manual payment in payables module, however it would not generate any payment instruction.

          Scenario 2
          If you are going to make single check payment to various suppliers in different/same operating units, it is not allowed by Oracle, as there is no logic behind it. You cannot have 1 check generated for different suppliers ...

          I am assuming you are referring to Scenario 1, in which case, i would say there is an WORKAROUND suggested by Oracle to make use of MANUAL PAYMENT method, which you could discuss with your Solution Implementer.