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    Cascading LOV with mandatory Child LOV attribute[Declarative only]

    Jai Om-Oracle

      I am using Jdev
      I have a use case which I guess is simple and common enough but could not find a solution to it.
      The use case is of cascading lovs and I am looking for declarative solution. Programmatic solution is working and was suggested Combo LOV firing mandatory field validation

      What I have done on data model side:
      Create a model driven lov on attribute A1 in VO1. Added another lov to attribute A2 in VO1. A2 lov is dependent on A1 value. I have set the auto submit = true (using data model UI hints) on both attributes. I have also maintained A2 dependency on A1.

      What I have done on view controller side:
      Implemented A1 and A2 as <selectOneChoice> with auto submit = true. PartialTrigger on A2 = "id of A1".

      Problem faced:
      At runtime in create/add mode, as soon as I select a value on A1, A2 validation is fired, complaining to enter a value in A2. Obviously, A2 Lov is not populated. This validation does not occur for other mandatory attributes on same page.

      As I mentioned above that programmatic solution is working by removing the partialTriggers from A2 and calling addPartialTarget on valueChange of A1.
      Is there a declarative solution to this use case? Why above-mentioned changes not working? Am I missing something there?