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    Analysis requirement OBIEE BP1


      I have a requirement to create an analysis to achieve the following.

      1.     Compare a Company sale with other companies’ sales (one or more). e.g. Let’s say Oracle’s sale is 2000 and Other Companies (Microsoft and SAP together) sale is 5000.
      2.     Compare a Company sale with the Industry sales. e.g. Let’s say Oracle’s sale is 2000 and the industry (Database Industry) is 50000.

      I need to show this information in the same analysis and I have a Company Dimension, Industry Dimension and a Sales Fact.

      I will have two prompts in the Dashboard one for to choose Company 1 and another one to choose multiple companies and/or the Industry. Since both companies are coming from the same dimension how to apply different filters? Also when I filter by Industry it should only filter values of the comparison measure (it should not filter the Sales measure of Company 1).

      Hope I explained it understandable, if not please let me know. Hope this image give you more clear vision.


      Thanks in advance.