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    auditing sys user

      hi all ,

      oracle 11g.2 rac with asm in RHEL 5

      i just want to auditing the sys user due to sometime the vender apply something without comeback to me

      i set this parameter to true audit_sys_operations but not restart the database now
      maybe when we have operations i will do that ,but i apply this in my machine
      oracle 11g.2 sin win
      it's not work means when go to E:\app\ahmed.adel\admin\test\adump the folder is empty
      after applying something in user sys , i read some artical said apply this
      parameter audit_syslog_level also but this if root user not oracle user see the auditing file
      i need the oracle user show all sys action???

      SQL> show parameter audit

      ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
      audit_file_dest string E:\APP\AHMED.ADEL\ADMIN\TEST\A
      audit_sys_operations boolean TRUE
      audit_trail string DB, EXTENDED