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    Oracle with Developer 2000 (Form/Report 6i)

      Hi Experts

      we are using Oracle 9i database and Developer 2000(6i) Last few years. Now I want to replace 9i database with Oracle , in this scenario can Oracle database 10.2 will work with 6i form/report.

      what I did. I installed Oracle 10g (10.2) and Developer 2000(6i) on Windows XP and restored data backup. on this machine software working. Now I want to ask how can I run this software on Clients (Windows XP).

      My past practice was I used to installed oracle 9i database client with Developer 2000.

      now in current scenario what Should I do. because there is no any client installation available on Oracle database 10.2.
      how to manage connection client with server (windows Xp).