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    DAC parameter error preventing task from running

      Hi All,

      Please see below this error which is preventing a SIL from running, I've never seen this one before, not sure if it's a config error or programatic/environment related.
      I'm particularly puzzled by the file name being repeated three times?

      This is the last task in a small batch of custom tasks, all the others have run through OK.

      Error Message : Usage error. You passed the wrong parameters to pmcmd.
                Command Used: pmcmd startworkflow -sv BIA_IS_DEV01 -d domain_udapbia3 -u Administrator -p **** -f Custom_SILOS -lpf /u01/oracle/biapps/dac/Informatica/parameters/DataWarehouse.DataWarehouse.Custom_SILOS.Custom_SIL_ InboundCalls.txt Custom_SIL_ InboundCalls.txt Custom_SIL_ InboundCalls.txt