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    Best connection process for oracel ADF?

      hi all,
      i am using oracle jdeveloper 11g 2 release and oracle database 10g. now i used database connecion in choosing Application resource type. i need to know what is the best way for connect with db? is it db connection ,JMX, URL, or WebDAV? because of i am going to make finally enterprise software for large company(4000 users use) .so number of users need to keep their connection because they are in different location. therefore show me what is the best path for keeping connection with oracle db? There is no any web service. so show me is there any connection method, because of timeout can be happen, server has poor connection?
      thankx. all the best.
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          never heard of database connections using URL, WebDav and JMX to be honest. In Java EE you use Java EE data sources to connect a Java EE application to a database. The others may be an option if database access is through a service (in which case it would not be a native access but indirect). Still connection would be best through Java EE data sources.

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            dear frank,
            that mean should i use Application Server Connection, isn't it?
            now i use database connection and in my administrative console which has datasource. there is also i put my server ip,port no, user id and password for login purpose. that is the way that you explain?
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              Arunkumar Ramamoorthy-Oracle

              Application Server connection is different than the Data Source connection. Prior connects to the App server and the later one connects to the DB.

              As Frank mentioned, you would need to create a Data Source connection (in your application server) and make the application to use the Data Source (if you are using BC, then check out the App module configuration).

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                Ranjith Chitharanjan
                You have to create a data source in the weblogic server with the jndi name that you specified in the application module,
                You can specify the JDBC datasource in the application Module configurations tab like 'jdbc/XXXXXDS'
                then the JNDI name should be------- jdbc/XXXXXDS

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                  Hi all,

                  At present I am working on oracle apps reports and forms.

                  Can any one explain me what is ADF....

                  I need some basic infomation related to ADF.

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                    dear friend ,
                    ADF mean it is a framework(Application development framework). which is developed for java developers. earlier in oracle jdeveloper 10g used for development.now jdeveloper 11g has this feature.which is same to oracle forms,but it hasn't rports.it has jsf page(java sever face).jsp mean java server page. in adf both include but jsp is in jspx.java serve page xml.
                    read these lines:-
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                      ok thank you very much...

                      Since I need one more clarrification from you.. I heared about OAF,

                      Now a days instead of forms they are using OAF web pages.

                      so, wht is the difference between ADF and OAF.

                      Oracle Apps technical.
                      Mahindra Satyam

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