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    EM12cR2 DB plugin u120804 upgrade question

      After finishing my upgrade to EM12cR2 and finally upgrading all of my agents to the version, I'm going through some of the remaining post-upgrade tasks and I'm not sure about upgrading the database monitoring plugin to the u120804 release. This is probably just a matter of documentation that hasn't been updated to reflect the EM12cR2 release.

      In the post-upgrade documentation (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/upgrade.121/e22625/upgrading_10205_111_PS1_postupgrade.htm#autoId5), Table 11-1 indicates that patch 14340329 needs to be applied to the OMS-side database plugin home before upgrading to u120804, if you have upgraded to R2 from EM12c R1+BP1. The readme for patch 14340329 clearly states "Ensure that the Oracle Management Service (OMS) on which you are installing the patch or from which you are rolling back the patch is Oracle Management Service 12c Release 1 (" Granted, this readme is dated in July, before R2, but that has me wondering about the need for this patch or the validity of the installation directions in the readme in an R2 environment.

      An OPatch prereq check on 14340329 against the OMS plugin home passed without issue, but I'm still not sure if this patch is appropriate to apply against an R2 plugin home. Has anyone successfully completed this plugin update on their upgraded EM12c system?