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    dbAdapter, Polling, transaction problem.


      I have created a SOA composite application (in jdev that contains : a dbAdapter + polling option activated.

      The dbAdapter posts the data retrieved from the database to a BPEL process.

      In the dbAdapter I checked the box "Do synchronous post to BPEL process".

      At the end of BPEL Process there is a "Reply" activity back to the dbAdapter.

      In Entreprise Manager console, when data are read from the database I then see that :
      1- They are well posted to the BPEL process.
      2- The BPEL process contains an Invoke operation to another dbAdapter (update only) to write to the database, that works correctly.
      3- After the Invoke operation (in step 2) there is an error shown in EM console that says "Cannot call commit when using distributed transactions.".
      4- In Entreprise Manager console, the instances are marked as "Interrupted" (Because of a CatchAll activity that contains a "Terminate" activity).

      After reading some documentation, it seems that the option "Do synchronous post to BPEL process" induces that the whole called BPEL process is within a transaction.

      Si I'd like to know if it is possible to get back to a non-transactional mode for avoiding the Fault that is catched when calling the other dbAdapter ("Cannot call commit when using distributed transactions.")

      Thanks if any clue is given :)