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    Data Modeling and Report Logic

      I am using OBIEE10g.
      I have one table

      Table_Bank(Very huge volumn of data available in this table)
      Date SendBank ReceivedBank SendCountry ReceivedCountry INDICATOR UnicRef
      10/11/2012 ICICI Hdfc UK IND SEND 12
      11/11/2012 ICICI BARCLAY IND UK SEND 13
      10/11/2012 ICICI SCB SG MY SEND 14
      10/11/2012 SBI ICICI SG SE RECEIVED 15
      11/12/2012 KARUR ICICI SW IND RECEIVED 16.

      Note: ICICI send amount to diff country and ICICI received amount from diff country

      Now My requirement is

      Dashborad prompt

      Note:Country_prompt should be display all distinct country(Send or Receive country values)
      In above report, i should filter based on prompt.
      In the report I dont know how to set filter column.
      B'cos country available sender_country and Receiver_country also.

      Month Receive_Count Send_Count
      NOV-2012 1 3
      Dec-2012 1 0

      Report Query:
      Select month(date),count(uniref) from table_bank
      where INDICATOR='SEND'
      group by month

      Select month(date),count(uniref) from table_bank
      group by month

      How to implement this.
      1.Can i implement report itself
      2.Can use administrator tool to create view or.
      3.How to implement In the report filter.B'cos country available sender_country and Receiver_country also

      Could you please let me know with details and send me logic also
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          I would suggest to use Receive_Count and Send_Count in the prompt instead of single column for both.
          Since you are asking for 1 column for country, use presentation variable for country and set that in the report
          Receive_Count = PS variable or Send_Count= PS variable.
          That means report should fecth (for selected date and country from prompt) for that date country is in Receive_Count or Send_Count

          Create measures in rpd
          case when INDICATOR='SEND' then uniref end and set aggregation to count and do the same for

          Or else you can do this in the report pull column uniref twice and for each use filter button from fx and add above condition.

          If helps pls mark else send me email
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