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    FacesMessage popup too large in 11.1.2

      JDeveloper | Windows XP / 7 | Internet Explorer 8

      When using JDeveloper, FacesMessage popups were sized to fit the text. Since the upgrade to, they are significantly larger than necessary. A popup with a single line of text appears to be 250px in height.

      We have tried modifying af_dialog_content-center in the CSS to force the messages to be smaller. We have also tried adjusting the <af:messages> tag in the jspx, hardcoding the width and height in InlineStyle and setting the StyleClass to AFStretchWidth. The size never changes. However, if we set something else (like background-color in the CSS), the modification is displayed as expected.
          FacesContext ctx = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
          FacesMessage msg = new FacesMessage("Error message");
      Thank you in advance,