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    Standard Editor for file types!


      In SQL Developer there is the possibility to assign certain file types to an specific editor. For example .pks/pkb to PL/SQL and PL/SQL starts the code editor. In newer Versions of the program, pks/pkb files are associated as SQL Scripts and these are opened in the standard worksheet. Is there any possibility to change this behaviour? There is no possibility to this in the UI, but there must be a config file or something.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi Jürgen,

          Is that really true? For which versions?

          Using 3.2.2, I tried opening some pks/pkb files and got the Code editor, not the Worksheet editor. Perhaps your user settings got corrupted somehow. You might try the usual technique of ...
          a. Export your connections and exit SQL Developer
          b. Delete (e.g., on Windows 7) the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\systemn.n.n.n.n folder for your version.
          c. Restart SQL Developer.
          It actually is possible to edit one of the preferences.xml files to force the pks and pkb extensions to use the Code editor (except I forced them to use the Worksheet editor in my test), but I believe the best (supported) approach is to reset the user settings first.

          SQL Developer Team
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            Well everithing works fine on my installation. We recognized the problem on a newly installed system with at a collegues workstation. The interesting thing is starting SQL Developer the next day, everything worked out fine. So for me the problem is solved, although I don't understand why these options are disabled in the UI.

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