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    FRM-30427 AND FRM-30085 ERROR

      Dear All
      please help me i m facing the following problem.

      FRM-30427: Summarized control item cannot reside in a block with Precompute Summaries set to Yes.
      Item: TOTAL_AMOUNT
      Block: DYE_PO_C
      FRM-30085: Unable to adjust form for output.

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          Ghulam - can you tell us the following information:

          What version of forms?
          What version is your database?

          For the DYE_PO_C Block:
          What is your "Precompute Summaries" set to?
          What is the "Database Data Block" set to?

          For the TOTAL_AMOUNT Item:
          What is your "Data Type" set to?
          What is your "Calculation Mode" set to?
          What is your "Summary Function" set to?
          What is your "Summarized Block" set to?
          What is your "Summarized Item" set to?
          What is yo0ur "Database Item" set to?