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    database vault installation


      I have Oracle Database 11g R2 ( if i want to install Database Vault, which version should i download to install it? so which ver. is supported for version of DB?
      Exactly, what should i download from here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/options/database-vault/index-090593.html ?
      do i need to install any patchsets for db 11g, or something?


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          Balazs Papp
          on your link:

          "Note: Oracle Database Vault 11g is part of the Oracle Database 11g download. Click here to download Oracle Database 11g Release 2."

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            Hi, koszi :)
            and how can i access the administration console, or how can i start it? i should log in to Enterprise Manager? then i can create realms?

            so, in 10g there are separated, and in 11 the db vault is integrated into the database? am i correct?
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              I have run DBCA and checked Oracle Label Security and then Oracle Database Vault, to enable them
              Now, at stage 4 of 5 is askes me for database vault owner, and password (optionally, to create a sepparate account manager). I have specified 'vault' and 'vaultmanager' as names (i choosed to create a sepparate manager account)
              Now i can login to database vault console with 'vault' user, but when i try to log with 'vaultmanager', i get:

              You must have the DV_ADMIN or DV_SECANALYST role granted to your account in order to use this application.

              So by default the manager cannot log in to database vault administration console?

              Also, another question: when i log in to EM console with sys user, under "Server" category, i clicked "Database vault", but i got: You have been logged in to a Database with Database Vault installed on it. You do not have sufficient privileges to access the Database Vault features on Enterprise Manager. Please contact your administrator

              So, sys user is unable to do database vault tasks? which privileges should i grant to sys user (fron 'vault' grantee, which is the owner)?

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                Zoran Pavlovic
                Hi Roger22,

                First user you have created is Database Vault Owner user (vault), and he is responsible for creating Realms, Command rules etc in Database Vault Administrator (dva) or command line.

                Second user you have created is called Database Vault Account Manager (vaultmanager), and he is responsible for creating and managing user accounts (sys user no longer can create users), and he is not supposed to log in and use Database Vault Administrator (dva).

                When you configure Database Vault, SYS user should have restricted privileges, and he is not supposed to manage Database Vault *(you shouldn't give sys user any more privileges, because Database Vault Owner (vault) is supposed to do Database Vault tasks).*

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                  Good explanation, thanks!