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    Only 1 database in my OEM Console list has missing tabs

    JSebastian of the OEM Grid Server is installed
      I have 20 databases listed.
      All databases except one look just fine. The one database is missing the Performance Availability     Server     Schema     Data Movement     Software and Support     tabs on it's main page.

      I saw a Metalink article that indicates I did not use the correct version of OPatch to install the patch but the host on which this database resides has a second database that is showing up correctly in my OEM Console. The same version of OPatch was used to patch both databases and if the Metalink article is talking about the OPatch version used to patch the Agent, then why would one database on the host show up correctly in the OEM console with all the tabs but a second database does not? So I don't think it's OEM agent patching.

      Any ideas what could cause only one database on a server to have missing links on the OEM main page?

      Back end databases are not that it matters.