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    Pop Up in Jdev

      Hi all,

      I have a requirement to display a pop up in oaf page

      I saw sample declarative example in Developer Guide 1107973_1_OAF_Developer_Guide.

      but i could not see any region of style Pop up in JDev

      OAPopupBean also seems to be not there in my JDev

      if it is there any such,then please say me how to show Pop up in JDev

      Manoj kumar
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          Hi Manoj ,

          Popup window is supported only in few versions in R12 , for those version that do not support have
          make use of Java script code .

          Please refer the below link


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            Which version of Oracle EBS you are using? If R12, use the latest version of JDev (compatible version with your EBS) and try using the OAF popups. Otherwise you have to go for javascript popups which is not the best option as you might not get desired behavior in some cases.