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    Print a PDF with a list of values based on a search result

      In Agile, while navigating in a specification, using "print" button, I can create a xml file containing all the information of a chosen specification.

      We would like to generate a similar xml file containing the same information of a list of specifications (i.e. a list of formulation specifications resulting by a search query).

      How can we get this functionality?

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          Ad-Hoc RPT may help (PDF need) with this or you could use a custom report to accomplish this. Depending on your use case you may be able to use some of our web services available through the extensibility pack.

          As an immediate solution search results do offer an export to excel option that may satisfy your business problem. You could also leverage ready reports and customize your result sets.

          If you provide more details around the business problem you are trying to solve I could offer a more specific solution.