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    Scrambled GL Lines after Upload

      I'm getting a report from a user that they are having an issue whereby GL lines are hitting the ledger scrambled after being uploaded via Web ADI. We're on R12.1.3, btw. Basically the description for one line is ending up on the record for another line. So say you had:

      amount Description

      12.50 Harry Potter's Wand
      50.00 Cinderella's Glass Slippers
      30.00 Tribble

      This would hit GL:

      12.50 Cinderella's Glass Slippers
      50.00 Tribble
      30.00 Harry Potter's Wand

      There doesn't seem to be any pattern on the ordering. I checked each cell of the Excel spreadsheet that was used to upload the data with the View Cell Contents add-in in hex and other than a space at the end of the positive amount fields, I see no hidden characters like carriage returns or line feeds, etc.

      Any idea what might be causing this?