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    ODI access- what type of access do i need to be able to run oracle commands

      All Guru's

      I have modifies KM to be able to run a sql script using sqlplus. i made sure it runs OK in jython from command line D:\jython2.5.1>jython TEST_SQLPLUS_JYTHON.py. Please find the script below which fails when i execute in the studio using admin and does not populate the E:\ODI_file\TEST_SQL.log.

      fyi.. I have also created SUPERVISOR id and gave admin access just to make sure I am covered from ODI.
      please help.

      import java.lang.String
      import java.lang.Runtime as Runtime
      from jarray import array
      import java.io.File
      import os
      import re

      retVal = os.system(r'D:\oracle\product\11.2.0\client_1\BIN\sqlplus mdm_stage/xxxxxx@d1odi1 @E:\ODI_FILE\TEST.sql > E:\ODI_file\TEST_SQL.log')

      if retVal >= 1:
      print retVal
      str1 = 'SQLPLUS failed. Please check the for details '
      print retVal