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    Unable to upload files in Reports-Standard Templates view of Siebel BIP


      I am in the process of creating few BI Publisher reports in Siebel using BI Publisher Desktop Tool MS Word Add in tool. In this process, before creating an Siebel BI Publisher report, I have completed the Siebel - BI Publisher Integration steps following the Siebel Reports Guide chapter 4 (Integrating Oracle BI Publisher with Siebel Business Applications).

      I have created a sample report with bunch of Integration objects following this way :
      1) created a sample schema in siebel tools with few out the box integration objects
      2) Created a sample template using BI Publisher desktop ass in tool using the sample schema
      3) Registered report template in siebel in custom report section of BI Publisher reports in Siebel and also associated a view for this report
      4) When I click the report icon of the particular view and select either pdf of rtf or excel format, I get an error without opening a report as below: "Error<?> Invoking Method<?> for Business Service "<?>" (SBL-OMS-00203)

      Help me resolving this issue as In I can view my newly created report form the report icon in siebel screen.

      The other error I face while doing the Siebel - BI publisher Integration is, when I try to do the below step-->
      1) Uploading Preconfigured Report Layout Templates to the Oracle BI Publisher Server à

      a) Navigate to the Administration - BI Publisher Reports screen, then the Reports – Standard Templates view.

      b) From the application-level menu, select Edit, and then Select All.

      c) Select upload files ---------> I get an error saying that 1) failed to load JVM DLL. Check that specified dll name is correct(SBL-EAI- 05006)

      2) object manager error: Failed to load JVM DLL.check that specified dll nam e is correct

      3) Error(null) invoking method "(null)" for Business Service "(null)"

      I have installed JDK 1.6 in Siebel Server loacation and specified the exact JVM DLL path as well as JVM class path and pasting the both path for your reference below

      JVM Class Path:



      JVM DLL Name: *C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_22\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll*

      Please help me resolving this 2 issues.
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          see in Siebel Reports Guide

          Troubleshooting Errors While Running Siebel Reports (SBL-OMS-00203)

          Use the following procedure if errors occur while generating Siebel Reports (error message SBL-OMS-00203).

          To troubleshoot errors while generating Siebel Reports

          1 Make sure the XMLP Report Server component is enabled.
          2 Increase the XMLP Report Server component log level to 5 to create a more detailed log file.
          3 Copy the xdodebug.log file to the jre\lib directory.

          For information about performing these tasks, see “Enabling Logging for the XMLP Report Server Component” on page 141 and “Enabling and Disabling Debugging for Siebel Reports in disconnected Mode” on page 143.

          Additionally, you might encounter an instance where a layout template was registered with one database, but you generated it with a different database, and the generation fails. If this error
          happens, you must complete the following task.

          Reference: Text extracted from Siebel Reports Guide Version 8.1, Rev. C