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        as I told you you may have to remove Dgraph1 from DgraphCluster definition in your appconfig and maybe comment MDEX1host,
        when you exit and save run ./runcommand Dgraph2 start
        check if you do not need to add a --skip-definition flag

        did you try a ./runcommand.sh Dgraph1 stop ?

        can you try a ./runcommand.sh --print-status ?

        check other options for your runcommand with a --help flag

        another clue if you can connect through a browser to your MDEX enter http://<host>:<port>/admin?op=restart

        if this doesn't work you may want to further inquire about using EACCMD

        here is a complete exerpt from the IAPAdminGuide for removing components :

        Removing components from your configuration

        To remove inactive components you can use several options — stop and remove them in the
        Deployment Template, run initialize_services, use eaccmd, or use the EAC Console of Endeca
        To stop and remove a component from the EAC definition:
        Endeca® Information Access Platform Administrator's Guide Endeca Confidential
        54 Performing System Operations with the EAC | Removing components from your configuration
        Use any of the following options:
        Option Description
        The runcommand of the Deployment Template stops the components
        if they are running and removes their definition. After that, you can
        remove the components from AppConfig.xml.
        Use the Deployment
        Template runcommand.
        1. If the component is running, stop it:[appDir]/control/runcom¬
        mand component_name stop
        2. Remove the component's definition: [appDir]/control/run¬
        command component_name removeDefinition
        3. Remove the inactive component from the AppConfig.xml file.
        This script resets your provisioning to components specified in
        AppConfig.xml. It stops any running components (such as Dgraphs
        Run the Deployment
        Template initial¬
        ize_services script. or log servers), removes the application from the EAC, and provisions
        the entire application again to the EAC.
        Important: Re-running the initialize_services script will
        wipe out any configuration that exists in Endeca Workbench,
        such as configuration of rules (if you have created them in
        The Endeca Workbench communicates with the EAC, stops and
        removes the component.
        Use the EAC Admin
        Console of the Endeca
        The eaccmd tool stops and removes the inactive components from
        the EAC.
        Use the eaccmd tool to
        stop and remove the
        1. Stop the component:
        • On Windows: eaccmd.bat host:port stop --app
        <appname> --comp <component id>
        • On UNIX: eaccmd.sh host:port stop --app <app¬
        name> --comp <component id>
        2. Remove the component:
        • On Windows: eaccmd.bat host:port remove-compo¬
        nent app <appname> comp <component id>
        • On UNIX: eaccmd.sh host:port remove-component
        app <appname> comp <component id>

        hope that helps
        • 16. Re: Urgent:Partial update not running
          How can i bypass degraph1 and use convert all flow to Degraph2
          I will answer this specific question, which I think I understand. But this answer will not solve any of your actual problems. You should ignore this post, and contact support. IMO

          The control for which traffic hits which dgraph is in front of Endeca. In my case it is a load balancing network device. The load balancing device performs a health check to determine if the port, on which the dgraph is listening, is available. If the port isn't avaible, the load balancer sends the traffic to one which is.
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