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    Issue with column alignment in Script Output

      I just installed 3.2.2 64bit (upgraded from 3.0.2 32 bit due to weird behavior in the SQL worksheet where I was unable to use carriage return for a new line as I had previously - I suspect it occured after I installed Windows updates today, but who knows).

      Issue I am having when I write a query in worksheet then Run Script (F5) and view results in Script Output.

      Column headings appear to be the full length of the data type, but it looks like the full length is not used in output - except when the value is null (the it uses the full length).

      Its kind of a headache to look at. I searched through settings in preferences but cannot find anything that seems to fit.

      if it matters, DB is 10g.2, SQL developer is 3.2.2 64bit, system is windows 7, jdk v 6.035
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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Just checked on SQL Developer 3.2.2 patch ( 32-bit against DB and did not see any alignment issues. My environment is Windows 7 64-bit using jdk1.6.0_37 32-bit. Formatting worked fine both when displaying to Script Output tab or spooling to a file.
          select * from customers; -- Ran against the OE schema.
          That table has a cust_address column of data type cust_address_typ which has a width of 2000. Alignment worked fine.

          I believe there was a formatting bug fix between 3.2.1 and 3.2.2. Are you sure you picked up the latest patch release? Do you see the issue with a specific data type or all types? My test included Varchar2, Number, Date, SDO_Geometry, and a couple of user-defined types.

          SQL Developer Team

          Edited by: Gary Graham on Nov 15, 2012 12:53 PM
          Actually columns using a TYPE data type, or something like SDO_Geometry, format to a width of 2000 in script output even if not needed, but you can override the width with standard SQL*Plus style column formatting.
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            Gary - Thanks.
            I rebooted, and imagine that, the issue was resolved.
            I initially had issue today with carriage return (3.0.2). All I can think of was something with Windows Update. I adjusted font preferences. Then deleted SQL Developer folders and installed 3.2.2. It may have been imported preferences (font) from previous install.