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    Drop-Down Menu How to

      Hi all,

      I'm new to APEX (just a few days looking at it), I need to make a drop down menu like the regular website.



      Like when the mouse hovers (or clicks) over the "PRODUCTS" Tab and the list of items comes below the parent tab.

      Any guidance?

      I've been searching on several forums, and they have several CSS and Javascript files, I upload those plugins to my apex application but then I don't know what to do.

      Please help!

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          Luis Cabral
          What you are trying to do is not trivial or easy to explain in a forum I think...!

          You say you don't have experience with Apex at all, but what about the other technologies involved to achieve this? Like HTML, CSS, Javascript, quantum physics (no just kidding)... You will need a very good understanding of those to implement what you want.

          Also, do you want that menu to be based in actual Apex tabs and sub-tabs or an independent menu?

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            Hi, I managed to solve this issue by uploading a Javascript and CSS file into the application and create a table with the application pages in it, the rest was just coding to match the parent tab page numbers with the son's page numbers inside the Javascript file.

            It did took me some time to resolve this by myself but it resulted just fine.

            Thanks anyways