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    Location KFF Segments Enable/Disable

      Hi All,

      Its Location KFF Segments. I need help in enable and disabling KFF segment based on other segment.
      I tried with dependent and independent value sets, its not working with my requirement.
      I have two value sets which has a Country and State values. state value need to enabled or disabled based country value.

      how do I get this? by personalization or Value sets validation types?

      thanks for everyone who helping.
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          by disabling/enabling if you are referring to make the field disappear/appear based on the value entered in the field, it is not possible, since Key Flexfields does not come with Context Option, only Descriptive Flexfields have context field option, hence they display additional fields based on the value selected under context field......
          Any modification with respect to the Value set validation would control only the values that are displayed on the segments, and in no way they can enable or disable

          Your scenario i.e. State values depending on Country value, can be perfectly met by Dependant value set. Can you let us know what is the issue faced in that approach ...?
          (Both the segments would appear in the screen all the time... you would only be able to enter value for State after entering the value for country )

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            Hi Ivruksha,

            Thanks for the reply,

            I have tried dependent and independent value sets for this. for my case its not working. In a row State is first and country is second. we cannot pick state first and country second.
            If I create dependent state first and independent country second its not working. though if I create independent first as state and second dependent as country, definitely country is disabled and not able to pick country until I pick one valid state mentioned at value set creation as per standards.

            there are different countries and different states.

            Example: USA has different States that need to be enabled only when USA as country.
            Mexico has different states that need to be enabled only when Mexico as country.

            I hope, I didn't confused. Now please advise how to achieve this.

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              " In a row State is first and country is second "
              So in your Asset Location key flexfield, the order of segments are STATE followed by COUNTRY, hence at the data entry stage the same sequence is displayed. Why dont you change the order of the Segments numbering by unfreezing your KFF (If it is new and no transaction processing has taken place yet) ...
              Your objective is to select the Country first, which would restrict the list of choices under State field, in which case Country should have been the first field for selection any way, why is that you insist of state being the first field displayed followed by country field ....( The display sequence and data entry sequence are not in sync)
              So now you want the STATE field to be disabled from data entry/update until COUNTRY field has a value for which you seek a solution through personalization ... i would leave this to be commented by an technical consultant ...

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                Thanks for your help, I know when using oracle. we need to follow some standards.
                As I changed it but still USER should be able to access only USA and their states as in value set values, but not other countries and their same value set values using this independent and dependent value sets.
                if I use other countries, and in state value sets it says "no entries found". Is there any other ways that we can get specific State values for countries using these value sets in KFF.

                any other pointers to achieve for Location KFF.

                Thanks always..
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                  since i am functional person, i would suggest below workarounds to achieve the objective "US should only

                  select its own states and same for MX ..."

                  Option 1

                  Have two independant value sets, one for Country and one for State
                  Update the respective values on each of the value sets ...
                  Design Cross validation Rules, so that Mexico country along with a US State is an INVALID combination, likewise for US ...

                  Option 2

                  Have a single Independant value set for Country and State both. Enter the value with proper naming convention i.e. prefix Country value on the State name ...
                  Like USA - Newyork, USA - New Jersy, MX - Puebla, MX - Tabasco etc .... so the user would select only one value from the value set, whereas that value contains both state and country details ....
                  You can opt for this option if you are not planning to perform any segment wise reporting, its hard to extract data for state and country in this approach, since the data are stored in merged format....

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                    Hi Ivruksha,

                    Thanks for your help buddy. After discussions we are using two independent value sets.

                    Thanks again.