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    Transfer file


      I need to transfer a oracle query generated file (dat file) to network drive (example drive \\tempdrive\reports). The oracle is installed on a Windows server.
      Basically is there a oracle command to transfer file to network drive. Or need to write a batch job to transfer file in Windows server.

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Iordan Iotzov
          In Oracle 11g you can create an external job to do that for you.
          Another solution is to map the external location to a local drive and write the file directly there.

          Iordan Iotzov

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            Chanchal Wankhade

            You have many options like :-

            You can use, if you are using sql script then after generating .dat file you can use HOST command and type windows COPY command.

            You can FTP the file by appling wait event for bat file. this is not part of oracle.

            You can use bat file to copy and past the file to other server againt this is windows command.

            Using UTL_FILE package by mapping the required path.