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    How to compile a form built in forms 10g on windows platform?

      Hi All,

      I have built a 10g form on my local desktop on windows 7 and compiled/deployed it in apps on linux server.
      I need to deploy the same form fmb on oracle apps hosted on windows platform. Please let me know if fmb works fine or not. And also provide how to compile form in windows platform..like frmcmp_batch command

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          The fmb, mmb, and pll files are portable to any platform where Forms can be installed. Every installation that supports running Forms comes with the necessary components to generate the executible files (fmx, mmx, plx). On your Windows machine, if you have the Builder installed, you can generate an FMX using the Builder. If not, you can directly use the compiler. The compiler has a gui option and a command line option. If you do not pass any arguments into the executible (frmcmp.exe) the GUI will start. Alternatively you can generate from the command line (DOS). You may need to set PATH, ORACLE_HOME, TNS_ADMIN, and possibily some others in the DOS shell in order for it to work.

          If you have access to MyOracleSupport, refer to the following note:
          <blockquote>Moving Forms Applications From One Platform Or Machine To Another (Doc ID 299938.1)</blockquote>
          <blockquote>frmcmp.exe module=myForm module_type=form userid=scott/tiger@orcl compile_all=yes</blockquote>
          More options are discussed in the Builder Online help and the compiler help.