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    Highlight an Interactive Report cell based on another hidden cell


      Does anyone know of a way to highlight a cell in an Interactive Report, based on the value of another cell in the same row, and without that cell being shown?

      The IR built-in highlight feature doesn't seem to let me highlight a cell based on another cell's value (correct me if I'm wrong).

      So I've tried going with a JavaScript solution I found in a thread somewhere on the APEX forums. I created a Dynamic Action with this JavsScript code:
      $('[headers = "INTENSITE"]').each(function() {
        if ($(this).text() == 1) {
          $(this).siblings('[headers = "NOM_COMPLET_USAGER"]').css('background-color','red'); 
      and it works perfectly when the colum is shown, but not when it's hidden (which makes perfect sense).

      So, that is where I'm stuck. The report has quite a lot of info, and I don't want to have an unneeded column being shown and using some valuable space.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you,