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    Cloning clusterware

      10g (using the 11g manual, as it has to been done before)


      I have to clone an existing clusterware installation to a new 2 -nodes.
      Using no OUI, no Grid cloning.
      Just pure scripting cloning.

      Following the Cloning Oracle Clusterware(http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B28359_01/rac.111/b28255/clonecluster.htm)

      I'm at the point of preparing the start.sh Script(Example 3-1 Excerpt From the start.sh Script to Clone Oracle Clusterware):

      Table 3-2 Variables for the clone.pl Script with the -O option =>


      Puzzled to figure out the values here - do they exist somewhere on the server or one should make them up?

      A list of the nodes that make up the cluster. The format is a comma-delimited list of public_name:private_name:vip_name:N:Y.

      This is the return value from the Private Interconnect Enforcement table.

      The public node name should be clear, but what is the name for node privatename.

      1.Something that is configured somewhere already?

      2.Simple-> "publicname -priv"