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    ADF: Master-detail treetable does not show all the details after a search


      We are using a treetable in order to display master-detail data. We have a search criteria which search only on the master data and which does not filter on the details (childs). However when we run the search, the maximum rows of details (childs) displayed will be equal to the hits on of the search on the master (parent) data. So if we get 2 hits on master data, only 2 childs will be displayed for each master, eventhough each master might have more childs.

      I know that the treetable structre contains all the data and all the details are in there, since when I'm importing the treetable to Excel using a custom method I can see all the childs, but when it is rendered on the treetable those childs are not displayed.


      What can it be restricting the number of childs to be displayed? Any ideas?

      Thank you!