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    Please can a Moderator/Admin look at this

      I'm at my wits end trying to get Oracle to look into an account issue for me. I've opened about 5 or 6 separate requests now through the "online help", each time it's closed with some nonsensical comment asking for information that has already been provided or something completely unrelated... and there is no option to reply.

      I changed the email address registered to my Oracle account, and since doing so it seems to have created a completely new account, losing all my past posts and reputation. This is my new account I am posting from now. My "old" account seems to have take on the name "600254".

      All I want is for somebody to merge the two accounts together!!

      The last request I opened was closed with the response
      Please provide us all the forum threads related to your OLD account, so that we can help you further."

      Ok - So I'm expected to send Oracle a list of every one of the 701 posts I had on my old account???

      Apologies, but please can someone from OTN just give me a straight answer, and one which I can reply to!?