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    Query on use of "ub2 *rcodep" parameter of OCIDefineByPos function

      Hi friends,

      Not sure if this is the correct forum for questions about OCI. If not, my apologies. Can you please guide me which is the correct forum for OCI?

      Though, if you know can you pls guide me about this query.

      I am using OCI library in my application to retrieve data from Oracle database version Express edition.

      To receive the data in my application after running a select statement in prepared statement, I am using OCIDefineByPos() call to provide the buffer addresses to OCI library.

      There is a parameter "ub2 *rcodep" in this call (according to [OCIDefineByPos documentation|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/A97630_01/appdev.920/a96584/oci15r34.htm] ).
      rcodep (OUT): Pointer to array of column-level return codes

      Can I please know, what information does this code return? How can we use the value returned in this variable assigned for this parameter?

      Thanks in advance for your time and guidance on this query.

      Best Regards.