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    Oracle SES - Search doesnt displays anything

      We were able to install in Win 2008 R2 with few work arounds.

      We tried configuring few crawlers and scheduled it but upon querying from the query search screen the application returns nothing. We created a scheduler with "Web" Source. Can some one help here please.

      The log file does shows many files accessed and many files rejected. I am sure the OS compatability issue should not stop this but as i am very new to Oracle SES am not able to go further from this. Can the PRO's please help me in getting out of this. Pasted below the logs
      Name Total 
      Documents to Fetch 11582 
      Documents Fetched 571 
      Document Fetch Failures 869 
      Documents Rejected 5911 
      Documents Discovered 18933 
      Documents Indexed 0 
      Documents Queued for Index 530 
      Documents Non-indexable 42 
      Document Conversion Failures 0