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    Compare Period ADDM Report - SQL Commonality


      Does OEM 12c have any built-in method to choose two ADDM Periods with the highest "SQL Commonality" ? I haven't seen it in the GUI but I might be overlooking it.

      Instead, I'm randomly selecting business hours/days and comparing workloads to determine if the changes the vendor made the application are really an improvement or not. Unfortunately, the SQL Commonality is, often times, < 50% and I don't believe those are the best comparisons to make. I'm looking for something > 50%.

      No, the SQL hasn't changed significantly to always cause the SQL Commonality rate to be lower.

      I'm hoping someone has a method to determine these versus me clicking and guessing. Even if it was PL/SQL to generate these reports and tell me which had the highest that would be a great help.

      Thank you in advance!