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    Sun One ASP 4.6.0x


      I am trying to install Sun One ASP 4.6.0x in my Debian 6. Unfortunately I am having 2 issues that I would like the huge, enormous favor anybody here in the forum provide with 2 lines of help since I can't move ahead with the installation

      Right after installing it I got the following issue from the setup:

      a. that it can't find the "libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2" library while in fact I have /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6.0.13 . To workaround it I made symbolic link based on a suggestion I read on a forum so the setup ran away into the next step

      b. however it's not finding the Apache 2.0.52 I have installed. I specifically checked out and this copy of Sun One ASP covers this version, in fact I installed this version specifically in order to comply with it. The problem is that it doesn't find it, it doesn't find the port.

      c. next step it tells about pre-existing 'libraries' not installed, while not specifying which libraries are not installed. I have a fresh Debian 6 Linux installed

      A million thanks to anyone that could give help how to have Sun One ASP properly installed

      Diego Sendra
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          Your other posts of this exact same question have been removed from the OTN forums you had plastered them into. Java programming and Database forums were not particularly on-topic for Sun One ASP 4.6.0x.

          Additionally, it would have been polite to mention you had cross-posted this to at least one other forum site, so that people wouldn't waste their time to tell you what you may have been told elsewhere: