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    Two level tabs


      I use two level tabs in my application. Let suppose this example, I have:

      - two parent tab set: PTS1, PTS2
      - these parent tab set has some standard tab set, for example:

      PTS1 has
      Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
      PTS2 has
      Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 3

      As you can see Page 3 is a same for both parent tab set, but has different content for PTS1 and PTS2.

      Some theory: When you create the page in Apex with tabs you have to set attribute "Standard Tab Set" in section "Display attributes" for all pages which use tabs. And there is my question start:-) I can set this attribute "Standart Tab Set" only for one parent tab set, PTS1 or PTS2. The problem is on "Page 3", because setting of attribute "Standard Tab Set" influence which Parent Tab will be "current" or "non-current" when you click on tab "Page 3".

      Is there a way, how I can switch dynamically setting of "Standart Tab Set" for "Page 3"?