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    question about forum 'ratings'

      I'm curious about what constitutes the 'top users' list in each forum. Some time back someone congratulated me for making the list on the Database General forum. I really don't pay attention and hadn't noticed. I know how the reward points work vis a vis status from newbie to guru, but this list seems to be somewhat different. I really don't care that I'm on the list or not, nor about my 'status', and often chide those who seem to be trolling for point, asking if they are going to get the toaster oven or the 4 piece set of coffee mugs. But since it was brought to my attention, I'm am curious ...
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          As you're awarded your points, the forum (miraculously, considering how poor it is at everything else) keeps track of which points were awarded in which forums.

          So for yourself, overall you currently have:
          Status Level:  Guru (6,155)  
          6115 points, and that will be compared with everyone else when determining the top users across all forums, which is shown on the main forum page:


          However, when you drill down into each sub forum, only the points relevant to that forum are taken into account, and compared with other people's points relevant to that forum.

          Because the points are forum specific, you can appear at different places in the top users list for each forum depending on other people who've got points for that forum (or you may not appear at all if you don't have sufficient points in that forum context).

          That's the basis of it anyway.

          So, in the SQL and PL/SQL forum, I'm.. (goes away to look)... 3rd from the top in the list, whereas in the Community Feedback forum I'm top of the list (not that many points get awarded in there anyway), and across the whole forums I'm... (goes away again)... 7th in the list and in the Database General forum, I don't even figure, as I rarely post in there to have even had the opportunity to be given any points. It's all relative to the forums where the points were awarded.


          p.s. if you look at the top users in the Database General forum you can see you've got 5060 points in there, so your other 1000 odd points have been awarded in other forums.

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            Kind of interesting a couple of top users in the General forum haven't posted recently.
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              Probably too many points have been given long ago... <smiley>

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                I found an interesting document some time ago (search for "jive_bestpractices_wp"):

                Perhaps the most important feature you introduce to a community, a reward point system helps ensure that constructive participation is recognized. Studies show that forums that have a reward system are 70% more likely to be successful.

                Would there be an option for other profile icons after 2500 points, than just the gold medal? What happens after 1'000'000 points?
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                  I think that would be more appropriate talking about a new community, rather than one that is the largest in the world to start with. This brings up the whole subject of gamification (talked about off and on at [url https://www.google.com/search?q=gamification+site%3Atheappslab.com]theappslab.com, among many other places), and to me really points out how such things can be applied inappropriately. Silver bullet tuning for communities, one could say.

                  In my opinion, since the whole foundation of the ratings system is flawed, anything like adding more levels of super-duper-guru isn't going to help matters. The hierarchical organization simply doesn't map well to actual quality.
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                    BluShadow wrote:
                    As you're awarded your points, the forum (miraculously, considering how poor it is at everything else)
                    Like double/triple/quadruple posting? Gee, if it handled points like that, I could forget the toaster oven and shoot for the matched pair of table lamps or even the combination blender/food processor/mixer.

                    Or going the other way, handling points the way it filters for unacceptable content . . . just when someone gets eligible for the set of coffee mugs, they get bounced back to the hanging fuzzy dice ....

                    Or they suddenly become the number one user in a forum they've never even visited!


                    keeps track of which points were awarded in which forums.