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    Siebel BI Publisher Reports Displaying in one single Report Icon

      We have a unique requirement of Siebel BI Publisher Reports which needs following level of Reporting needs:

      In general, users logs into Siebel application and go to their respective view as per their choice and either filter the data and click the report icon and select the list of report they wanted to and view the report or directly click the report icon without filtering the data and click the report icon and view the BI Publisher report listed in the report icon. This Reports changes based on the view (internally it is linked to a Business Object, Integration Object, BC and Applet and so on)

      Now, our requirement is to have all reports be available displayed in one report icon or to be placed in separate report screen. Say for example, if we are building 50 different reports based out different logic (different BC,BO, Applet, Business Service, Integration Objects), our aim is to provide all the different reports be displayed in one single report icon or to bring all reports in one separate Siebel screen.

      This should work similar to the way Siebel out of the box functionality reports work normally in terms of report behavior.

      I am not sure on how much customization is required to achieve this effort and whether it is achievable or not or whether it is good option or not and importantly how can we achieve the access control mechanisms (security of the reports) if we chip in all reports under one roof of Siebel application.

      We just wanted to know whether this can be possible in Siebel by bringing all reports into one single report icon or one separate Siebel screen.

      I know the fact that in general we train and educate the users stating that we should log into Siebel application and based on the individual selection of view, he or she will be able to see respective reports but here in our case we would like to present users reports all in one icon or one separate screen

      This is somewhat making the modifications to the out of the box functionality in Siebel itself and not sure on how to proceed further on this.

      Please help me with your valuable suggestions/inputs on this.

      FYI: We are using Siebel Public Sector Application 8.2.2 and BI Publisher version and currently doing POC on Sandbox environment which is Windows based OS.