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    SQLDeveloper cloud deployment/export data problem

    Sander Alders
      We are trying the trail version of the Oracle Database Cloud Service and having problems during deployment through SQLDeveloper and data export from the cloud.

      With SQLDeveloper we have a working cloud connection. We created a cart from an existing application and uploaded the deployment. No errors!
      The deployment has the status 'APPROVED' but is not processing in the database. The file uploaded to the FTP server (I can see it using a FTP client).

      There is also a problem exporting the data from the cloud database by the Oracle cloud service website.
      The site says that the data is exported, but on the FTP site no file is created.

      Looks like the FTP locations of the Database cloud does not correspond to the locations that belong to the FTP users.

      Is there a solution?


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