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    how to accerss desktop using with token with workgroup

    Pardesi Balam
      Dear Community supporters

      Reference to the VDI configuration for 4 sunray thin client, do we must need to use the Active Directory or LDAP.? if not suggest me the way.

      using active directory all are fine..

      how to accerss desktop using with token (smart card) without using AD.

      As Per my scenario i don’t want to use Windows Active Directory

      I Already installed Oracle VDI on Solaris10. And I installed one windows 7 on the same machine using with Virtual Box.

      From the VDI we import win7 in the VDI Pool. Imported successfully,

      My Q. is I need to access this win7 on sunray thin client using with smart card. I don’t want to use ADDC and Remote Desktop futures.

      Would it be possible? if possible plze suggest me the way to configure with token athentication?