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    Soap Fault


      We have an application that is being rewritten in Application Express (Application Builder) by an offshore team. I look after another system and have provided a web service to be consumed by the new APEX system. If the data provided by APEX is correct I return a response which APEX can interpret and display. However, if the APEX application provides invalid data I throw a Soap client fault.

      At the APEX end it seems that it will not identify the client fault, so the offshore team tell me.

      As a complete APEX novice I have been able to create an APEX Web Service Reference which I have tested and can receive good response messages and fault messages, but nothing to indicate that APEX has identified a fault.

      Is there some secret to how the fault message should be created to get APEX to trigger a different processing path, e.g. an error handler?
      Or is there something on the page process that should be defined?

      Any help gratefully received!