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    ResultSet value is null, while there is data in the table.

      Hi Friends,

      I am using JDeveloper

      I have written one method in the ApplicationModule. In this method I am calling a stored procedure which returns a cursor and storing the cursor in a resultset. While trying to get the result set in a VO, the resultSet is giving null. rs.next() is returning "false". But it should return "true".The code is given below:

      CallableStatement cst = null;

      RowSetIterator rt = null;

      rt = this.getMyVO1().getRowSetIterator();

      try {

      cst =
      getDBTransaction().createCallableStatement("begin ? := My_PKG.get_details_fnc(?); end;",

      cst.registerOutParameter(1, OracleTypes.CURSOR);
      cst.setString(2, id);

      ResultSet rs = null;

      rs = (ResultSet)cst.getObject(1);

      ResultSetMetaData rsMetaData = rs.getMetaData();

      rt = this.clearRowSet(rt);

      //.................Some code is there

      Please help.