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    disk vs tape

      hi all ,

      oracle 11g.2 rac 2-nodes with asm RHEL 5

      which the best backup to disk or tape database size is 126G but the used is 16G???
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          Depend on your Cash Flow , Its better to have it on Tape Since If any Disk Failure Happened you still have copy of your backup .
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            thanks , but i need to make full backup and incremental backup and apply block change tracking all of these not support in TAPE???

            also the /backup is a file system in both node i mean this file system is on storage and 2 nodes is mounting it???
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              Girish Sharma
              There is nothing "Best" nor "Worst" in the IT. We can not say that tape/disk backup is more good/worst. If you google with "disk vs tape backup oracle" you may find couple of links mentioning pros and cons example : http://www.eversyncsolutions.com/disk-vs-tape.html.

              For greater details you should read :
              RMAN-Based Disk and Tape Backup Strategies: Scenarios

              So, this is answer of your post.

              Now your next post, which is basically not a post; rather a new question, and this type of posts always makes members irritate. Why? Because you could mention all the details of next post in your first post, so that person who is going to help you may judge your question fully; anyway...
              but i need to make full backup and incremental backup and apply block change tracking all of these not support in TAPE???
              And what docs are saying :
              Location of the Block Change Tracking File
              One block change tracking file is created for the whole database. By default, the change tracking file is created as an Oracle managed file in the destination specified by the DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST initialization parameter. You can also place the change tracking file in any location you choose, by specifying its name when enabling block change tracking. Oracle recommends against using a raw device (that is, a disk without a file system) as a change tracking file.

              And [url http://sysdba.wordpress.com/2006/05/18/how-to-use-fast-incremental-backups-with-block-change-tracking-with-oracle-10g/]How to use Fast Incremental Backups with Block Change Tracking with Oracle 10g  may also be of your interest.

              Girish Sharma
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                Another solution you can use in this case :
                -take backup on Disk After that copy it to Tape .

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                    You must remember that its always going to be a slower backup done on tape compared to the disk. So if you are going to take a backup on a RAC cluster, you may want to take the incremental backup on the disk and then push it to the tape , either a single tape or an individual tape per instance.

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                      thanks aman for your reply this is what i need to hear.
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                        Backups are key as you know and for production databases, its always good to have more than one copies of backup stored at different locations, and at may be different media. When disaster hit, you want your backups to be readily available and for that matter, you might consider placing one copy of backup to the storage attached to the production server. But it is very very important to place one copy of backup off-server to any tape or any other disk-based storage.